A Unique Experience

We are all very busy and rarely have time to participate in any sort of after-work activities and when we decide to do so – it better be relevant and productive.  We believe that it is not the number of people or even the depth of presentations that make up a great meeting – it is more about making it more aligned with every participant’s objectives.


Have an opportunity to meet with engineers and designers as well as connect with other executives and entrepreneurs in Seattle area.


Meet with other devs and designers to chat about the latest tech or discuss challenges with a project you are working on.  Connect with the startup community in Seattle or possibly find the next gig.


Collaborate with others on a new idea.  Discuss the latest design trends or connect with executives from startups or established Seattle firms.

About Us

If you are new in town or have lived here for several years, it’s still pretty challenging to meet talented people who might help you make your next dream idea come to live.

Logix Fusion helps you meet local talent in person with no boring long presentations to sit through, as it sometimes happens at the meetups in town.

The best part – this VIP membership to our exclusive club is totally FREE!

Local and Focused

You use LinkedIn for your work, but often you wish you could have a separate gateway to connect with people locally.

Our site includes basic social features to help you connect online based on your interests. This helps optimize your time when meeting in person with other entrepreneurs, devs, and designers at the local Logix Fusion events.


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